How to Make Coloring Pages with Leonardo AI

Want to create coloring pages or a comic book?

But wait Why should we use Leonardo AI among plenty of Image Generator tools? Because it’s FREE and produces high-quality images.

Before we go forward let’s study the coloring pages trend.

Growing Trend of Coloring Pages

When I was browsing through Etsy I stumbled upon a fascinating trend – a high demand for children’s coloring pages.

Simple black and white coloring pages are getting sold.

An Etsy Seller “TwingenuityGraphics” is selling an animal coloring book for USD 2.98. You won’t believe it has total downloads of 9.5k.

That means the seller has made more than USD 18,000 from that single book. And also had 6+ orders in the queue at that time.


Another seller TheBotanicalNook is selling the Dragon Fantasy Coloring Page for USD 2.28, which has a total downloads of 2.3k already. Now, you can calculate his revenue.

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The same trend I have observed in Amazon KDP. Now, Let’s dive into the process of creating our coloring pages.

Steps to Create Coloring Pages

To establish a thriving coloring page business, you’ll need to follow three essential steps: choosing a niche, designing your coloring pages, and selecting the right marketplace.

1. Niche Selection

Selecting the right niche is crucial. A well-chosen niche can give you a significant advantage in this business.

To aid in this process, we can turn to AI for assistance. ChatGPT, can engage in a conversation with you and provide specific and detailed information based on your input.

Ask ChatGPT for ideas for children’s coloring pages, and you’ll receive a plethora of creative ideas, including animals, fantasy themes, and vehicles.

Note: Avoid using copyrighted characters like Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry, but focus on unique and engaging themes that will resonate with your target audience.

It’s also a good idea to conduct some research on Etsy to identify the best-selling and trending niches currently.

How to do Keyword Research on Etsy?

Go to and click on its search bar. Let’s type “coloring pages for” and wait for auto-suggest keywords. Etsy will show the most searched keywords along with this.

Further, use those keywords to find low-competitive keywords.

For example, when I typed “coloring pages for” it showed me a bunch of keywords such as “adults”, “kids”, “kids printable” etc etc.

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Further typed “Coloring pages for kids printable” and I got some amazing results. Among them, I got a product “Under The Sea Coloring Pages Printable” which has a total search results of 2,194.

Now, We have got the niche. Let’s work on it.

Remember, choosing a profitable niche is paramount to your success in this business, so take your time and come up with something remarkable.

2. Create Coloring Pages with Leonardo AI

Open “Leonardo.AI” in another tab. If you haven’t used it, sign up and whitelist your account.

After signing up, you will get a total of 150 tokens daily which is enough to generate images.

As we know children love funny & cute things, Let’s select the model “3D Animation style”.

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After selecting the model, enter your prompt. 

Let’s suppose I want to create a seahorse. So I would enter “one line pencil drawing of sea horse for colouring pages, white background”.

Change the aspect ratio to 768*1024. Then click on generate.

You can see the results. I have four images of a seahorse generated by Leonardo AI. That’s awesome.

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You can choose any of these for your colouring pages. Click on the desired image to download. You can also upscale the image before downloading.

Now just repeat the process again and again to generate images. You just have to change the names of the animals.

Let’s download each one by one. I have downloaded 10 images to show you.

3. Designing Cover Pages using Canva

After downloading let’s create cover pages for our project.

Open in another tab. Now Search the “Kids Coloring Book”. There are thousands of templates.

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Choose any of these and start customizing. Change the Font and colour & upload your images.

If your photos have a background color other than white you can also remove that. But that’s available only if you’ve upgraded the Canva plan.

You can see – I have changed existing fonts and images.

Coloring Pages made with Leonardo AI

Now download your color book in the format of PDF.

That’s all. Upload it to marketplaces like Etsy & Amazon KDP and earn dollars.

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The Secret to Standing Out

Now, here’s the secret to truly standing out in this business.

Instead of merely targeting a broad niche, consider focusing on a sub-niche, such as “dog coloring pages” rather than “animal coloring pages” or dig further for low competition.

Sub-niches can help you cater to a more specific audience, making your coloring pages even more appealing.

In conclusion, the world of coloring pages offers a remarkable opportunity to generate passive income, and AI has simplified the process significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn by selling children’s coloring pages?

Your earnings depend on various factors, including your niche, design quality, and marketing efforts. Some sellers have made significant profits like 50k-60k USD, but it may take time.

Are there any legal concerns when using AI-generated images for coloring pages?

It’s essential to ensure that the images generated by AI do not infringe on copyright or trademark rights.

Can I sell coloring pages on platforms other than Etsy?

Yes, you can explore other platforms like Amazon KDP, but Etsy is a popular choice due to its large digital product marketplace.

Do I need any design skills to start this business?

No, you can rely on AI tools like Leonardo AI, ChatGPT & Canva. These tools can help you completing your coloring pages.

How long does it take to start making sales on Etsy?

It depends upon which topic you have chosen. Sub niche of the broader topic takes less than 1 month to rank.

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