TradingView: Analyze Stock, Cryptocurrencies & Forex Market

TradingView is a platform that allows users to track and analyze various markets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex.

It offers a range of tools for both beginners and experienced traders, making it suitable for technical analysis experts. Here are some key features of TradingView:

  1. Publication and Viewing of Trading Ideas: TradingView provides instruments for users to publish and view trading ideas. This allows traders to share their strategies and insights with others.
  2. Real-Time Quotes and Charts: Users can access real-time quotes and charts on TradingView. These charts are known for their quality and are said to surpass even desktop trading platforms.
  3. Social Network for Traders and Investors: TradingView is a highly active social network where traders and investors can connect with millions of others from around the world. Users can learn from the experiences of others, discuss trading ideas, and stay updated on market trends.

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