Cutout Pro: Uses, Pricing Plans & Review

Cutout Pro is an image-editing AI tool that can edit images like Adobe Photoshop Guy. I’m not a professional Photoshop user & this tool helps me do all those editing things that I can’t do myself.

Let’s see how I use Cutout Pro to leverage my work.

Different Use Cases of Cutout Pro

It has different tools like image editor, background remover, object remover, image restore, image colourize & enhancer.

Let’s see these one by one.

Image Background Remover

It allows you to change the background color after erasing the image’s original background. You can download the final image in HD. But, it will cost you credit. The free plan provides 1 Credit per day.

There’s also a “Free Download” option for unlimited downloading.

Video Background Remover

Now, no need for a green screen during video making. Just upload your raw video file and wait for the magic. Within just a few minutes, it will remove the video background. Even you can add virtual background images.

It mainly supports .mp4, .webm, .mov, .gif format.

You can upload video files up to 2GB.

Free download is available for 5sec with 360P.

Object Remover- Retouch Photos

Drop an image or just copy-paste. Remove unwanted objects or elements you want. Use the brush to delete objects. Click on Done. That’s all. Your downloadable image is ready.

Face Cutout

I have tried so many face cutout tools. But, this one perfectly works. Just upload the image and it will give you the desired output.

Background Diffusion

Upload your image, it will automatically remove your background. Then type your prompt for a background image.

Prompt: Text format used to make understand AI

Cartoon Selfie

It converts the whole image to cartoonic. Free download is available with the Cutout Pro watermark.

AI Art Generator

Cutout Pro’s art generator tools also require a prompt to generate images. It’s not so advanced, but it is OK if you’re generating basic and portrait images.

Image Enhancer & Upscaler

I personally use this tool most of the time to enhance my images. If you’ve low-quality photos, upload them to this, and you’ll get upscaled images.

AI Video Enhancer

To enhance or stabilize your shaken video, you can use this tool. It improves the quality of the video. Supporting formats are .mp4, .webm, .mov, .gif.

You can upload a maximum size of 2GB video file.

Photo Colorizer

It helps you convert your images into their original color form. This tool can be used to restore old black & white photos.

Passport Photo Maker

The person’s image should be captured from a straight front. Not from the left or right side. Upload that to this tool, and it will remove the background automatically.

Choose the paper size according to your printer output. In my case it’s A4.

You can change the background color. Most of the time I use blue.

If you wanna make it professional, then you can also change the outfit of that person. It has three categories- Men, Women and children.

e-Commerce Product Designer

Upload your product image, it will remove the background first. You can add a suitable background color. It has also special effects like reflection & shadow effects. But, downloading the final result requires credits.

Background Blurer

Don’t have an expensive Camera or a Smartphone? No worries. This tool can help you blur your image.

You can set the intensity of the blur.

It comes freemium plan means you can download free images, but if you want to pay it will cost you credits.

Meme Generator

Do you have a meme page on Facebook or Pinterest? or starting a new meme page? This tool can play a crucial role.

Create your own meme using this tool for free. You can also search for popular memes and can modify that.


The are different pricing plans for images & videos.

Images Plan

Plan starts from $5 to $5749. $5 plan gives you 40 credits/month, whereas $5749 plan gives you 250000 credits/ month.

Video Plan

1 Min plan is $19 which is the lowest. The highest plan is 330 Min which will cost you $1299.

 💡 Credits will be used for background removal, enhancing, colonizing & and retouching.


Frankly speaking, some of its tools are awesome, but at the same time, some tools are lacking.

💡 Tools I liked: Image Background Remover, Photo Enhancer, Face Cutout, Cartoon Selfie, E-commerce Design.

Except these other tools are not as good as I experienced.

Is Cutout it FREE?

Yes, some tools of Cutout Pro is free to some extent. After that, you have to purchase credits.

Should You Buy Credits?

Free download

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