Create Coloring Pages with CF Spark & Other AI

Are you using the old method & tools like Adobe Illustrator to draw illustrations for your coloring pages or books? Now it’s not needed.

Just type your prompt and boom!!! Your illustrations are generated.

We’re gonna use an AI Tool called “CF Spark” designed by Creative Fabrica to draw our designs.

Why Should You Use CF Spark over Other AIs?

Creative Fabrica’s CF Spark Coloring Pages Tool offers unlimited image generation. It has also a prompt builder tool, using which you can create prompts according to your image needs.

It has a very simple interface. Offers various image ratios like portrait, square & landscape.

Steps to Create Coloring Pages

Step 1: Keyword Research on Coloring Pages Niche

Let’s suppose you want to publish your coloring pages on Etsy (I’m taking this as an example because it has a huge market of digital downloads).

First, decide your target audience. Whether you want to make coloring pages for Kids or Adults or whatever else.

You can take the help of ChatGPT to find keyword ideas.

Keyword Ideas generated by ChatGPT

Here are some keyword ideas related to “coloring pages for adults” that you can use for your project-

1. “Printable adult coloring pages”

2. “Detailed coloring sheets for adults”

3. “Relaxing adult coloring books”

4. “Intricate coloring pages for grown-ups”

5. “Unique adult coloring designs”

6. “Art therapy coloring sheets”

7. “Mandala coloring pages for adults”

8. “Zen coloring patterns”

9. “Mindful coloring pages”

10. “Abstract adult coloring sheets”

11. “Nature-inspired adult coloring pages”

12. “Fantasy coloring pages for adults”

13. “Vintage style coloring pages”

14. “Custom adult coloring pages”

15. “Digital download coloring sheets”

16. “Personalized adult coloring designs”

17. “Whimsical adult coloring art”

18. “Geometric adult coloring patterns”

19. “Botanical adult coloring pages”

20. “Animal-themed adult coloring sheets”

You can use these keywords or research manually on Etsy.

Remember to conduct keyword research periodically to check for trends and competition levels on Etsy.

You can try the Etsy Keyword Checker tool for FREE- EtsyHunt

Find Low-Competitive Keywords Manually

Let’s check on Etsy. Open and search your seed keywords such as “coloring pages for adults” and dig further for micro niche keywords.

I got a micro niche keyword “Sport Cars Coloring Pages – Adults Kids Coloring Pages” which has a total result of 988. That means we have a keyword to start with.

Low Competative Keywords on Etsy
Low competative coloring pages on Etsy
Etsy Coloring Pages Ideas

Step 2: Generate Coloring Pages with CF Spark

Now we know that – we have to create sports cars. Make a list of Sports Car Brands that we are gonna generate images of. (Like Porsche, Lamborghini…………..)

I asked ChatGPT famous sports car brand names and see what I got –

1. **Ferrari**

2. **Porsche**

3. **Lamborghini**

4. **McLaren**

5. **Aston Martin**

6. **Bugatti**

7. **Maserati**

8. **Jaguar (especially their F-TYPE)**

9. **Chevrolet (Corvette)**

10. **Nissan (Nissan GT-R)**

11. **Ford (Ford GT)**

12. **Mercedes-AMG**

13. **BMW M Series**

14. **Audi Sport (Audi RS Series)**

15. **Lexus (Lexus LFA)**

16. **Lotus**

17. **Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo 4C)**

18. **Koenigsegg**

19. **Tesla (Tesla Roadster)**

20. **Acura (Acura NSX)**

Now, Open CF Spark in the browser, sign up & click “CF Spark Coloring Pages”.

Now in the blank text box type your prompt. [Ex: a coloring book, illustration of a FORD car/ Ford (Ford GT) car illustration]

ph5VEPNzarhyLBUvX68sLC1k6G9 Iai2kHylycxE5dMJEF2yJC8UlHs34ul9zhbZ0uuItz8yYmCCQYeEw4Y6Yf7aoB9RR0fcOw6TgrDqhWW1ypu fm6P0YEeY1xlUTPIilT ps7Vr48OoDGc5PZiCvM

Choose the ratio: Portrait A4, which is best for the project. After that, click Ignite to generate images.

Generating Coloring Pages with CreativeFebrica CF Spark Tool

Just repeat this process, change the car brand name and produce images. Download all the images that you think will fit your coloring pages.

This process may take time. To speed up your image creation work, you might buy some credits.

Step 3: Create Cover Pages & Templates

You can use Midjourney or Leonardo AI to generate a cover page. I will suggest you – use Leonardo AI because it’s FREE & also generates amazing cover design.

To use Midjourney, you have to buy a paid subscription.

Create a Cover Page using Leonardo AI

The below cover design is an example of our project which has been generated by Leonardo AI.

Coloring Pages Cover Design

Now download one of the best images among them for our cover design.

Edit & Customize the Coloring Pages in Canva

Go to, and search “Coloring Pages Templates”. You will find plenty of templates.

Design Coloring Pages Templates on Canva

Open one of these templates & start customizing according to your niche. Here you can see how I have edited and arranged all the pages.

Sports Car Cover Page Template
Ford GT Mustang Coloring Page
Aston Martin Coloring Page for Etsy
Maserati Coloring Page for Etsy
Chevrolet Coloring Page for Amzon KDP
Lamborghini Coloring Page for Etsy

First, edit the cover page and then change the existing fonts & images. Don’t forget to download your coloring pages in a single PDF format.

Just to show you I have just created 5 pages, but create at least 10 pages when you’re selling it on a marketplace.

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Factors that help you rank your Printable Pages organically

According to Etsy Sellers, there are some x-factors that help beginners to get their first sale in the industry. Here are some of those:

  • Attractive Cover Design: Design your cover pages beautifully by adding text and AI-generated images. This will catch buyers’ attention.
  • Shop Name: Your Shop name should be related to your niche.
  • Discount: Try out a Discount Sale to create FOMO. (Example: 50% off sale ends September 10)
  • Micro Niche Keywords: Research on Micro Niche Keywords for fast ranking. You can manually do this or use the Keyword Research Tool.
  • Coloring Pages: Add more pages to your coloring book than other sellers.

Final Thoughts on Coloring Pages Industry

Coloring Pages market size is growing day by day. And you can make money out of this. Just you have to do this consistently.

Experiment with trending & new keywords. You will succeed in making money for sure.

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