Kipper AI: Your Personal Assistant at Study

Kipper AI is an AI-powered tool that claims to help students with their schoolwork, including essay writing and summarizing articles, books, lectures, and videos. It uses a no-plagiarism script with built-in AI detectors to ensure that the work produced is original and undetectable by teachers.

Kipper AI also claims to be 100 times faster than traditional methods of completing schoolwork, allowing students to spend less time writing and more time relaxing.

However, a review of Kipper AI suggests that the tool has some issues. The main feature of Kipper is its essay writer, which generates essays (with citations) in a matter of seconds. However, the review found that the essays generated by Kipper were only 76% AI-written, which raises questions about the tool’s effectiveness. Additionally, the review found that Kipper’s AI sometimes crashes, and the tool may not be worth the investment.

Overall, while Kipper AI claims to be a useful tool for students, there are concerns about its effectiveness and reliability. Students should carefully consider these factors before deciding to use Kipper AI for their schoolwork.

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