Photo Realistic AI Prompts

What are Photo Realistic Images?

Images that resemble natural are called photo-realistic images. Now it is possible to generate this type of image using AI. Just a few lines of text which is called a prompt is required.

Photo Realistic Leonardo AI Prompts


A Witch Doing Ritual

A Beautiful Witch - Leonardo AI Prompt, Cinematic, PhotoReal
A Beautiful Witch (Leonardo AI, Cinematic, PhotoReal)


realistic witch with dark hair with candles is doing a ritual potion in a bowl with roses petals , environnement is dark and mysterious but romantic. Magic is in the air. She is looking at the camera . She has a lock as necklace

A Young Girl

A 20 yrs old girl - Leonardo AI Prompt, Cinematic, PhotoReal
A 20 yrs old girl (Leonardo AI, Cinematic, PhotoReal)


a girl of 20-25 years old black hair deep blue eyes defined body wide hips long wavy hair

An American Cowgirl

Default An American cowgirl wearing red checked shirt and brow 1 393d6ac1 76cf 41d0 a8dc 0ee3d6001382 1 11zon
An American Woman (Leonardo AI, Dynamic, DreamShaper v7)


An American cowgirl wearing red checked shirt and brown cowboy hat, holding one hamburger and smiling. With a horse behind her.

A News Anchor

Realistic light skin tone woman ai prompt
A Curly Hair Woman (Cinematic, PhotoReal)


The realistic of a beautiful mixed woman with light skin tone with long curly light brown hair against a bold purple pinstripe suit with a red shirt sitting at a glass desk in a snow white room with white walls and curtains

Asian Girl

Asian girl image ai prompt
Short-haired Asian Woman (Cinematic, PhotoReal)


Minimalist digital art, minimalist anime, flat strokes and square figures, realistic, short-haired woman, tight black dress


A European Teen

European Man Image AI Prompt
A 18 yrs Boy (Cinematic, PhotoReal)


18 years old fit European men with short hair and athletic body, (shirtless), photorealistic, portrait, 4K, 8K

A Man

An Gentle Man Created by Leonardo AI Prompt
(Tool: Leonardo AI, Preset: Cinematic, Workflow: PhotoReal)


An elegant gentleman in a tailored suit, his face illuminated by the light, sitting in an armchair

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