AI-Draw.Tokyo: Images to Line Drawing Converter

Haven’t tried? I’ll guide you.

Intro on AI-Draw.Tokyo

AI-Draw is a website that uses AI to convert uploaded images into line drawings. 

It offers the ability to customize the line drawings with unique parameters such as you can change Canvas color & Pen colour according to your choice.

It allows users to download the converted drawings in SVG & GIF format. The website provides a simple and convenient way to transform images into sketches without the need for manual drawing.

Who need this AI-Draw Tool?

If you’re a student or artist, you must know about Line Drawing as it will give you a rough idea about how line drawing are made.

School and College going student may need this tool during Art competetion.

You can make a Image quiz website/ youtube channel using this. Like Name the celebrity by watching this line drawing.

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How to Use AI-Draw.Tokyo

Step: 1: Upload your image.

AI Draw Step 1

Step: 2: Customize your drawing using Pen Setting. You can play with Line Width and Creativity. Change Pen and Canvas colour to get better results.

AI Draw results Step 2

Step: 3: Download your drawing. You have two choices. Either download in SVG or GIF format.

AI Draw Step 3

Price and Plans of AI-Draw

AI-Draw.Tokyo is a free tool. However it may change its plans. Check it on official website.

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